About Us

Our Background - Bike Industry

Biketech was established in 1988 and has an extended knowledge of bicycle parts production. We mainly focus on spoked wheels technology.

Complete control and ownership of the production supply chain allows us to maintain consistent quality and offer better, if not the best aftermarket motocross wheel sets in the industry.

The long-term support and trust of various brand customers has enabled Biketech to continue to advance at a steady pace

“Creating an exceptional riding experience” is our commitment. How to meet our high quality standards is what drives Biketech.

2016 - Motocross

Expanding into the Motorcycle Industry

In 2016 Biketech concluded that many bicycle enthusiasts are also motorcycle riders who enjoy exploring limits, especially in the Off-Road segment.

Since motorcycles ridden in off-road terrain are subject to rougher conditions, high quality is demanded.

We are able to transfer technology and competence to this area. Our constant testing ensures the best quality. Meanwhile, we provide customized services to meet the needs of each brand.

2018 - New Brand

Expanding into the Motorcycle Industry

In 2018 REVV was launched, reaching a new milestone in Biketech’s extended production history. This effort was made possible thanks to the honest communication with our customers, new innovative concepts, and efficient development.

Insisting on quality is the constant belief of business operator, David Kho. 

Only by insisting on high quality being the foundation of our products, are we able to meet our customers’ needs and create an exceptional riding experience.

We are looking Forward to the future!