3D Forging

Not all aluminum Hubs are created equal!

From design to manufacturing we insist on using the best materials and processes in our motocross hub and wheelset production.

Forging vs Machining

Parts machined from a stock billet, whether solid block or cylindrical, are constrained to the molecular structure of the billet. Any time machining is involved, there is possibility of sharp edges or chatter which can be stress risers and be a detriment to fatigue strength.

3D forging allows manipulation of the molecular structure of the material, giving it a better grain structure with more consistent material properties. 

3D Forging

At Revv our 3D forging process allows us to control and align the molecular structure of each hub into the desired grain structure for the application.  This produces the best “net” shape with desired configuration and strength. 

The most critical components used in aerospace are all made from machined forgings, we believe your new Revv hub’s are just as critical.

Precision CNC Machining

Consistent Quality - Low Tolerances

Precision Machined Forgings

Our equipment, coupled with the dedication of our experienced, committed production professionals, sets us apart from the competition.  We are always evolving and improving our processes to ensure we are at the forefront of the industry.

Tight Tolerances

After the forging process our hubs are CNC-machined for a precision fit. With the latest CNC equipment we can ensure  consistent ID dimensions at very tight tolerances. This is crucial to ensure less friction, extending the life span of your wheel bearings.

Quality Control

Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection

Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI) is a nondestructive testing method for detecting discontinuities  or defects that may compromise the integrity or quality of the part in question.

Striving for Perfection

With careful consideration to both shape/dimensions and the stresses it will have to overcome while in service, each Revv hub represents a sound mechanical part that reflects 100% of the material characteristics and the expected fatigue limits set in production.

Qualified Staff

During the final stage of the process, the parts are examined under black light in a darkened area by a trained Inspector in accordance with our production requirements. Revv maintains a full staff of trained inspectors to assure a complete and effective inspection.

Hand Assembly

Performance Wheel Sets

Revv wheels come completely assembled laced, trued, and ready to go. Thanks to many years of experience and some propriety truing techniques we are proud to say our wheels deliver better performance and reliability than similar models on the market.