The best aftermarket wheels for Dirt Bikes, MX Motocross,
Supermoto, Enduro, & 125CC Husqvarna Bikes.

Husqvarna Aftermarket Motocross Hubs

Husqvarna Hubs

You are choosing a Husqvarna bike with alloy hubs because you demand the very best performance from your machine. But we think that we can do even better and deliver truly amazing performance. At Revv all of our alloy hubs are designed right from the start to match perfectly with the performance of your Husqvarna machine and help you to take your riding to the next level.

Alloy Hub 3D Forging

We do not use any standard alloys or billets in the production of our hubs. We make all of the design and producion decisions right from the start and manage each part of the process from the alloy hub 3D forging onwards. After the 3D forging we then carry out all of the CNC machining in our specialist workshops to make sure we can manage the precision and performance of every Revv alloy hub that leaves our factory.
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Husqvarna Aftermarket Motocross Wheels

Most stock wheels tend to bend after hard hits that’s why there is no substitute for a quality aftermarket wheelset.

Our high-end Husqvarna MX wheelsets offer higher resistance to bending and will give you the durability and performance you need.

Husqvarna Aluminum Alloy Rims – 7000-6000 Series

Husqvarna 3D Forged Hubs

Heavy Gauge Spokes

Star Socket & Bit Design Nipples

Steel Spokes

Revv Spokes are made from high grade stainless-steel wire and are of a heavier gauge (thickness) than your average spoke. They feature excellent radial and torsional strength for better shock resistance and durability.

Nice and shiny with a polished surface, we offer metal and black colors to match your wheel set design.

Alloy Nipples

Our light-weight aluminum alloy nipples feature a Star Socket & Star Bit Design for precise & higher spoke tensions.