Milan International Motorcycle Show – Show Recap

Every year we look forward to the beginning of November for the Milan International Motorcycle Show. EICMA gives us a glimpse into the future of motorcycles and all of the new, and exciting products for 2018. EICMA is the largest event in the world, bringing together over 160 Italian and foreign companies.

Last week Revv attended the EICAM Trade Show in Milano, Italy. Although this was not the first time, we attended the show, It was the first time our new brand REVV was introduced at this event, and we had a blast!

We had the pleasure of catching up with some of our existing European clients and meeting some friendly faces from a few of our long-term partners.

Thank you to all who stopped by to see our booth showcasing Revv’s new 3d forged aftermarket motocross hubs and wheels.

This year the event was very well done and brought together a lot of interested (and interesting!) people who are committed to what they do. Talking with them gave us further insight into what really matters to the industry and riders today.

If you stopped by the Revv booth at EICMA 2018, don’t hesitate to get in touch with any further questions you may have about Revv bike — we would love to hear from you!